About Us

Paradise Genomics embodies a new age of biomarker discovery.

Paradise Genomics discovers the most complete gene expression signatures for earlier, more accurate and less intrusive detection of human diseases.

Paradise Genomics is changing the molecular diagnostics landscape by rapidly discovering accurate and novel BIOMARKERS in blood or tissue. Our disruptive approach and process provides unparalleled utility in the diagnosis, prognosis, or therapeutic monitoring of any disease.

Our unwavering focus on quality has allowed us to unlock a unique region of the transcriptome and the previously untapped biomarkers that it holds.

Our discoveries are laying the foundation for improvements in diagnostics, drug discovery, and management of disease. These dynamic biomarker signatures are leading a paradigm shift in the implementation of personalized medicine.

Our team has analyzed thousands of blood and tissue samples, and our lab was ranked at the top of every category in the FDA-sponsored MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) project. We simply deliver more and our bioinformatics protocol yields actionable genomic data.