Gastric Cancer

Early Detection of Gastric Cancer is possible with a single blood draw

Gastric cancer is the fourth most common cancer worldwide. Outside the United States, it is the third most common cause of cancer death. Early diagnosis of gastric cancer is critical in preventing cancer deaths. Currently there are no minimally invasive tests capable of early detection of gastric cancer or intestinal metaplasia.   Therefore, we sought to identify a biomarkers that detects gastric cancer at the earliest stage possible.

Paradise Genomics rapidly discovers novel biomarkers in blood or tissue using a disruptive process and proprietary platform of unparalleled utility in the diagnosis, prognosis, or therapeutic monitoring of any disease.  We investigated the differential biomarkers of gastritis, pre-cancerous metaplasia, and gastric cancer using whole blood.

Blood Biomarker for Precancerous Intestinal Metaplasia

Early Detection of Gastric Cancer

Two distinct gene expression biomarkers from a minimally invasive blood sample have high accuracy in identifying and distinguishing patients diagnosed with gastritis, metaplasia, or gastric cancer. These data demonstrate for the first time that biomarkers in blood have the sensitivity and specificity necessary to directly diagnose cancer and pre-cancerous lesions. These biomarkers are ready to be developed into clinical tests for screening, diagnosis, or monitoring therapy.

All patients presented with gastritis.

Their blood biomarker correlated with pathological finding of gastritis, precancer or cancer.

Paradise Genomics seeks development and commercialization partners to quickly and successfully capitalize on current or future biomarker discoveries. To discuss these or other biomarker discoveries, please e-mail for all inquiries.

Blood Biomarker for Gastric Cancer

Blood Bioprofile for Gastric Cancer