Scientific Advisors

Scientific Advisory Committee

Our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) brings together experts of diverse backgrounds that excel in providing Paradise Genomics with objective, external perspective, quality authentication and a conduit for exchange of cutting-edge ideas. Through expert insights and industry experience, the SAC provides an open market view of where Paradise Genomics focuses discovery efforts and growth strategy moving forward.

Jonathan B. Rosenthal, M.D.

Jonathan Rosenthal is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience. Jonathan began as a Clinical Staff Physician at the University of California-Davis Medical Center. Having held numerous leadership positions within hospitals and anesthesia groups including Chief of Anesthesia and Chairman Governing Body, Jonathan has also been actively involved with committees such as Medical Advisory Boards, Patient Care Committees, and Continuing Quality Improvement Committees. Jonathan is currently in practice in North County – within arm’s reach of the major biotech hub of San Diego, CA.

David R. Kaufman, Jr., RPH

David Kaufman is a Board Certified Pharmacist, having graduated from the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. He has been a practicing pharmacist for over 20 years in a variety of settings including hospital, nursing home and clinics. Dave served as the director of pharmacy services for the Lac Vieux Desert Indian tribe in Michigan and the Forest County Potawatomi tribe in Wisconsin. He brings a wealth of experience, having worked closely with practitioners to advise, monitor and optimize drug usage. Dave also brings experience in administrative functions, having worked with insurers to minimize drugs costs and authoring and implementing policies and procedures to ensure successful accreditation.

David B. Van Holla, M.D., FAPA

David Van Holla, a fellow within the American Psychiatric Association and a Board Certified General Psychiatrist, brings over 12 years of practicing experience in the Upper Peninsula. David has practiced in a privately owned solo practice while simultaneously serving as an attending psychiatrist with the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center. David also brings a wealth of pharmaceutical industry experience having been part of the speakers bureau for a number of major pharmaceutical companies. During this time, David has also served as an adjunctive faculty with the Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine’s UP Program and with the Marquette General Health System’s Family Practice Residency Program. With his expertise in psychiatry, David’s main emphasis with Paradise Genomics is to oversee the development of genomic discovery in the field of mental health/behavioral sciences.